Eben Pagan Virtual Coach Review

Eben Pagan Virtual Coach

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Eben Pagan Virtual Coach Review

Eben Pagan Virtual Coach

Eben Pagan Virtual Coach:-  Consider starting your coaching company some time ago.

But you come home from 9 to 5 years old, exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.

During your free time during the week and at the weekend, the last thing that makes you energetic is to prepare a side shake.

What would happen if I told you that by changing your daily habits, you could double your productivity, increase your energy and ultimately start and run your business?

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All you have to do is balance your physical, mental and emotional state during the day. This way you get what many athletes consider an area. You are psychologically in a state of change and you can work well and with integrity. Only then can you be truly productive and earn wasted hours.

Eben Pagan Virtual Coach

So how can we find a balance between the physical, mental and emotional, so that we can do our best?

In the book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Tok: The Psychology of Ideal Experience states that skill and challenge must match. If we have little understanding, we end with fear. If we have a lot of skill and a little challenge, we feel bored. We need to combine the skill level and the challenge level and build them accordingly to get ahead and grow as well as possible.

We can do this by adjusting our successful daily ritual to focus our energy on the work we enjoy most and to help us grow our business and double our productivity in this process.

The natural rhythm that we have, but we don’t use it (and we miss)

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Our body has hundreds of different rhythms and cycles. From breathing to the beating of the heart to the eyes that blink, to the cycles of emotions and to the neurons that trigger our brains.

We have daily cycles, such as the circadian rhythm of sleeping and waking. In this high rhythm, there is a lower rhythm that is called the ultradian rhythm.

The ultrasonic rhythm is a natural cycle of costs and energy recovery that we spend during the day.

It works as follows: we have about 90-120 minutes of energy, concentration, and motivation. So I experienced a natural decrease in energy for around 20-30 minutes. Because most of us do not even know that this cycle exists, we do not respect the natural rhythm that we go through.

Eben Pagan Virtual Coach

Instead, let’s try “starting” with a power outage. Or worse, we eat sugar or drink caffeine. We mistakenly believe that if we rest, we will not return. It appears that if we relax for about 20 minutes, the energy cycle will return automatically. This is the power of the ultra-fast rhythm.

Instead of relaxing, we come to taxes. Given our growing cycle of concentration and energy, hence the natural period of detention and recovery, we burn. Incineration is much harder to recover from the release of a natural cycle.

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If we incorporate and harmonize the three most important areas of our lives: physical, mental and emotional, we can return to the natural rhythm that is already taking place. If we neglect one or more of these areas, they will bring us down and we will only get a part of our efficiency.

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